"We had always been convinced that Victorianism was a myth, engendered by the long life of the sovereign and of her most illustrious subjects. We were constantly being told that the Victorians did this, or the Victorians thought that, while my own difficulty was to find anything on which they agreed: any assumption which was not at some time or other fiercely challenged. 'Victorian History'.

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How did the Great Rebellion, otherwise known as the Indian Mutinyof 1857 shape the modern state of India?

The arms that were associated with the Scottish crests have not been traced. A word of caution: There are some commercial web Persian empire sites that offer a 'Scottish' coat of arms, but they appear to be interested in sales rather than accuracy.

They will even tell you that Lancashire is in Scotland and that all Ormes come from there. The fictitious information is purported to come from the 'Harlean Manuscripts', which are a fairly random collection of old documents once belonging to a Mr. and Mrs. Harley, many of the documents in the collection are in fact recipes - so we should take what they say with a pinch of salt.


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