"We had always been convinced that Victorianism was a myth, engendered by the long life of the sovereign and of her most illustrious subjects. We were constantly being told that the Victorians did this, or the Victorians thought that, while my own difficulty was to find anything on which they agreed: any assumption which was not at some time or other fiercely challenged. 'Victorian History'.

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BBC - Primary History - Victorian Britain
Primary History home, Children in Victorian Britain
BBC - History - Victorian Britain Trail
Structured online course about the Victorians to help you hone your history
Primary Resources: History: The Victorians
HISTORY: The Victorians Other Sections: Placing the Victorians in History( Julie Stead) DOC; Queen Victoria Quiz (IffatSardharwalla) DOC
History Victorians
15 Jul 2008 One of the most important passages of the history of Britain is the Victorian Period. Queen Victoria (1819-1901) was the first English
Victorians Homework for kids - Woodlands
HOMEPAGE |Other History pages Britain managed to build a huge empire during the Victorian period. It was also a time of tremendous change in the lives
Innovations Learning - History Victorians Inventions
History Information Home · History Activities Home · Useful History Websites Many things were invented during the Victorian times, here are just a few:
Victorian Family History | The National Archives
Education exercise about the lives of an ordinary Victorian family.
Victorian Britain - Primary -
22 Jan 2003 History trail - Victorian Britain, From the BBC an extensive section on the Victorians. Much is aimed at an older audience
Cyberheritage,PlymouthHistory,Naval and Military History
plymouthnaval,military,and aviation history photo archive. I have a tourist book in my collection from the Victorian era, it describes Plymouth


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    Welcome to the home of the Virtual Victorians. Here you can take a look at a typical week in our lives and ask us questions.

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