"We had always been convinced that Victorianism was a myth, engendered by the long life of the sovereign and of her most illustrious subjects. We were constantly being told that the Victorians did this, or the Victorians thought that, while my own difficulty was to find anything on which they agreed: any assumption which was not at some time or other fiercely challenged. 'Victorian History'.

Victorian History - Case Studies

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There are quite a few, even the Encyclopaedia Britannica erronoeusly stated, that the Victorians were detroyed on the ground in the opening hours of the century.

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Quartered, eagle and poleaxes in 1 and 3, chevron and escallops in 2 and 4.

Colours: The eagle and poleaxes are gold on a sky-blue background; the chevron and escallops are red on a silver background; the mantling is is sky-blue and gold; The dolphin crest is sky-blue with gold fins and tail.

Motto: Fortis et Fidelis (Strong and Faithful).
These arms belonged to the following people in Ireland:
Robert Orme, Esq., J.P., D.L., of Owenmore and Enniscrone, 1815 - 1877
Christopher Guy Orme, Esq., J.P., D.L., High Sheriff, of County Mayo, 1858 - 1907
Robert William Martin Orme, Gentleman, 1908 - ? . Seats - Owenmore, Crossmolina, County Mayo; Inniscrone, Ballina, County Sligo

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