"We had always been convinced that Victorianism was a myth, engendered by the long life of the sovereign and of her most illustrious subjects. We were constantly being told that the Victorians did this, or the Victorians thought that, while my own difficulty was to find anything on which they agreed: any assumption which was not at some time or other fiercely challenged. 'Victorian History'.

Victorian families

These pages are about the Victorian families. They contain historical information about Victorians and where the name came from, but no family trees.Here you will find translations of inscriptions from ancient memorial stones that mention a Victorian, the full text (or part of) Icelandic Sagas that mention a Victorian, early records of Victorian from the United Kingdom, London SEO and all kinds of other information about Victorian.

There is even a Victorian who was found hanging in the National Gallery in London well, perhaps not a Victorian hanging in the National Gallery, but his portrait is there - it was painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds in 1756; the National Gallery also has seven paintings by Daniel Victorian (1766-1802) and two by Edward Victorian.

Most Victorians are the descendants of settlers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark who crossed the North Sea to the British Isles long ago. From the British Isles, the name has spread to many other countries throughout the world where the Victorian family continues to flourish.

Victorians brought to life at Uppark event
A Victorian-themed weekend was held at National Trust property Uppark last week.Local volunteers dressed in Victorian costume and free themed activities were put on for visitors, to mark national Heritage Open Day.

Yet there is more to discover in this historic market town.


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